Wednesday, December 30, 2020

 New Year's Eve Eve 2020

So, we are two days before the start of 2021.  No crying about what 2020 was.  I have my own personal hell that was 2020 that really doesn't have anything to do with what is going on in the world.  

I am not saying I wasn't impacted by the Shitstorm of Shitshows that was 2020 but I was having a rough year from Midnight Greenwich Mean Time 2020.

About October, I decided to let the Personal Pity Party just roll through the end of the year.  2021 would be different from the jump.  I know what you're saying, "Okay, tough guy, what are you going to do to make it different?"

I am going simple.  No big change the world, conquer lands unexplored, make a name for myself goals.  I am not even setting results goals in that sense.  I am going back to the pure simple basics.

75 Hard Challenge

A client brought this up.  It is simple.  Here are the rules:

  1. Work out for 45 minutes twice a day.  That's it.  No definitions as to what that means.  Just be active for 45 minutes twice a day.
  2. Eat on a plan and do not cheat.  No definitions.  Just follow your nutrition plan and don't cheat.  No sugar and no alcohol.
  3. Drink a gallon of water every day.
  4. Read 10 pages of non-fiction everyday.
  5. Take a progress photo everyday.
If you miss something, you start over.  No excuses.  Just do it.

Here are my guidelines:

Workout for 45 minutes twice a day.

In an ideal world, I get three workouts everyday.  First is a cardio session of some sort.  Second is a functional training workout using macebell, bulgarian bag, kettlebells, etcetera in my backyard.  Third is a bodybuilding workout at one of the local gyms.

Now, when my heart is acting bad or my energy goes into the toilet, I need an alternative.  One is taking the dog for a walk.  Simple, slow walking is doable.  I also have a standing desk.  It is not what I consider a true workout but standing at the desk is also a minimum activity.  

No.  Three workout days do not make up for missed workouts on the other days.  Rules is rules.

Lumen guidelines for carbohydrate.  Protein at 250 grams per day.  Fat on the remaining calories with a minimum of 30 grams fish oil.

The Lumen device adjust carbs based on the readings of your metabolism.  The protein recommendation it gives is much lower than I recommend following so I adjusted it by removing some fat calories.

Carb numbers do not include incidental carbs from non-starch vegetables.  Carb vegetables like carrots, peas, some squash, as well as obvious starches like potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, rice, corn etcetera will all be accounted for and come from that limit.

The fish oil is a long standing habit that I believe is key to being healthy and having an effective diet plan.

The minimum for success is to follow the carb recommendation within 15 grams. Calories have to stay below 3000 everyday (not including workout nutrition added by Lumen) and cannot exceed 20,000 for the week. 

Drink a gallon of water.

I don't think this one needs explanation beyond I have a 50 ounce mug.  It is my plan to have one full one done by 11 a second one done by 4. 

I am also going to make my 32 ounce wake up water a part of this.  Juice of one lime, two pinches of sea salt and slam it right after you wake up.  Easy peasy.

Read 10 pages.

Not a problem.  I do it anyway.  But I am going to track it.

Progress photo.

Fuck.  I hate douchebags taking selfies but rules is rules.

This starts from the jump.  2021 at midnight on January 1.

You in?

Thursday, June 11, 2020

A Letter From Coach Kahle

Dear Friend,
What I am about to do might be a bit drastic but in this letter, 

I am going to reveal the secrets of how I help busy men over 40...
...Finally start burning body fat in the first 28 days.

And I am going to help you do it without crazy workouts, restrictive diets or modifying your already hectic schedule.

Sound Too Good To Be True?

I am also going to give you my money-back guarantee.  If you work the program and don't see serious results, I will give you your money back.  

If you are like the hundreds of guys like us I have worked with over the years,
You​ have seen it all before.  Magic powders, fad diets, pills and potions.
You probably have some sitting in the pantry right now!

But that spare tire is still there.

Your horsepower is down and you just don't get going like you used to.
Hell, even you're libido sits at idle more than it's overrevved.
You make jokes about the gas tank for the sex machine 
or you have a keg not a six pack but it's a death by a thousand cuts.

You used to be the man.  You used to be in the fight.  You used to be...

Yep, until life got real.  A job with a demanding boss...a house with lawns to mow, drains to unclog, and...a wife wanting you to go shopping with her, rearranging furniture, who mess up your house, need rides to ballet lessons, soccer practice, and parent teacher conferences that all take up your time and pull you away from taking care of you.

Soon you are having a latte and donut on the commute to work...lunches at the desk delivered from a drive-thru window...and dinner out of a pizza box you grabbed on the way back from your job at Dad's Taxi Company.

You have a gym membership and a treadmill in the garage but try not to think about either as you veg out on the couch every night.

Who can blame you?  You're tired. 

Not just from life but of the failed attempts at getting back in shape.

You were on a good rhythm but that meeting with that teacher.
You were getting regular workouts until your boss had that extra project.
You were eating well until Uncle Joe took you all out to that restaurant and...

BLAMO!  Back to couch potato city you went.

Always something came up.  Always something in the way.  Always something made the program impossible to keep up with.

Like it was written by a 20-something single guy with tons of free time and free testosterone who never has to worry about responsibilities beyond bringing booze to the barbecue and if he waxed his car.

So I am right there with you when you look at this the same way.  Big promises from another anonymous muscle man on the internet.  Sounds like the same shitake mushrooms in a different risotto.  

I haven't given you any explanation of how I am going to help you burn bodyfat, lose the spare tire, and overhaul that engine.   

First, Let Me Introduce Myself...

We, as men, are almost programmed to keep going, ignoring what might be wrong and just get the job done.  It doesn't matter what it is.  I was no different.

This picture is the day all of that changed for me.  Me and my guys carrying a strongman yoke in a parade.  It was all fun and games until someone (me) has a fatal arrhythmia and dies.
That's right.  I interrupted the whole parade to have the paramedics, fire department and the police have to shock me like they do on television.  I woke up in an ambulance and changed my life in an instant.

Over 20 years as a champion weightlifter, strongman, and powerlifter.  I owned a gym and coached hundreds of athletes to titles in weightlifting, powerlifting, and for sports like football, basketball, softball, tennis and many others. 

Yet, the whole time I was pushing my own health to the back burner.  I put my work ahead of my workouts.  I ate burgers and pizza with the kids and enchiladas with my wife instead of eating the foods I needed to get healthy. 

It was as if I was training for something bad to happen.  Shitty sleep habits.  Shitty nutrition habits.  Shitty self-care.  Until something did happen.

I wish I could tell you I put my Badass Boots on and revolutionized my life from that moment on.  I wish but I can't.  I actually slipped backward and spent the next two years wrestling with more health complications and depression so deep it threatened to swallow me.

But I found something simple.  Just a basic idea.  Eggs for breakfast.  Everyday I had eggs for breakfast.  If I just had eggs for breakfast with some vegetables I could say I had a healthy meal.  I could say I ate healthy.

Then it was just do 10 squats and 10 push ups.  It was exercise.  I could be a feature of the couch all day but if I did those squats and those push ups, I would have worked out.

Then it was simple.  Make it one point for eating healthy and one point for working out.  Now it was a game.  Score more points.  At least one point a day.  

Soon it was a weekly point total.  Five one day and one for five days still makes ten. Now I had momentum and it just got stepped up again.  20 points became 30 and without realizing it.


I had another set back with this Coronavirus.  Even though I tested negative in April, there is a theory that I had it in early January and that is what sent my heart into its erratic behavior.  I spent February until May in quarantine and avoiding all of the behaviors that brought success.  

Now though, I am ready to get started on my next challenge.  Lying in the hospital last week, I made myself a couple promises:

Promise Number One:  I am going to live a lifestyle that ensures I am healthy for my future and my family.

All of those success habits I had used to lose that fat and inches are going to get built back into my life.  I need to be there for my daughters and for my wife.  My wife's father I never got to meet.  I know I regret that but his absence from my children's life and the simple fact he didn't get to walk my wife down the aisle shows the hole left behind when a man loses his health.  

I am not taking mine for granted any longer.  Neither should you.

Promise Number Two:  I am going to share that lifestyle with other men my age so that they can build their health so the boys and girls that call them Dad don't lose them before their time.

Up until now, the leading cause of death for men like us was accidents, suicides and homicides.  Once we pass 40, it becomes heart disease and cancer.  Add to it diabetes, liver disease, stroke and lung disease and you realize the majority of the things that take us away from our families are dramatically improved by diet and exercise.

It is time for me to step up and act like a man.

It is time for you to as well.  You won't have to do it alone.

I lost friends I grew up with.  I was almost one of them.

Kids losing their dad.  Wives left to raise the family alone.

If I can slow that even by a fraction, I will do what I can.  

I'm In Shape!  Round Is A Shape.  

Yes, it is.  It is the problem.

Dunlap (as in Dun Lapped Over My Belt) Syndrome, as I like to call it, is a real risk to your health.  It raises the risk of cancer, heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. But it has numerous other side effects that are slowing your brain and body down, unbalancing your hormones (testosterone anyone?), on top of making you look like a Dad.
  • It increases inflamation in your body.  Arthritis, bursitis, and tendonitis all hit guys our age and make us feel like a 40-something.
  • It puts us at a 50/50 risk of getting deadly cancer in our lifetime.
  • It is an indicator of heart disease which kills almost 400,000 men every year!
  • It actually shrinks your brain and increases your risk of Alzheimers!
  • It puts strain on the heart and reduces blood flow which causes erectile disfunction.
I am the first to admit I just didn't want to deal with these things.  Stress of work and putting food on the table, making time for my wife and kids, and maintaining the house and cars were more than I wanted to deal with.  So, I stuck my head in the sand.

But those markers eventually get called and you end up getting a ride in an ambulance.  I'm putting this in your face because I care about you and what happens to your family.

As much as I didn't want to deal with it, I really wish someone called me out on it.  Grabbed me and said, "Look man, this is serious."

Because that fire and determination that made me a champion and allowed me to bench over 600 pounds would have pushed through and made changes when it would have made a difference.  I would have taken the chance you have today and made a commitment to a new lifestyle.

This whole letter comes down to this right here:

Look, man, this is serious.
You got a lot of people that need you,
that want you at their graduation,
and to walk them down the aisle at their wedding.
You've got a chance to make the changes 
that will make the difference, 

Use the code FATHERS2020 and get 2 for 1 on Personal Training both in person and online.  (Offer expires June 30, 2020)

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Monday, May 25, 2020

Make A Fat Burning Meal Without Measuring

A Simple Set Up For Each Meal

Okay, I do better with a visual than without so here is the perfect plate complete with motivational commentary!  The plate is available on Amazon and while I recommend it, it is not necessary to follow the diet.

The first thing I want you to notice is the border.  If you pile food all the way through the border, you will be a "CHUBBY FAT FUCKER" so don't. You can have a second trip if you'd like so don't try to cheat.

The second thing is the protein section.  A portion of protein is the size of the palm of your hand.  It is a simple concept for you to base your protein on. 

Protein choices are open to any cook from raw meat.  Avoiding processed meat is one of those things that will benefit your health and your weight-loss. 

With protein, the fewer legs the better.  Fish, poultry, then pork and beef. 

The third thing to notice is the carb section.  The motivational coaching cues on the plate sum it all up.  STOP OVER FILLING IT, YOU CARB SLUT!

Carbs are anything that isn't plainly a vegetable. Potatoes, pasta, bread, rice, or anything else that makes a baked good or is stored in a silo. 

You can put fruit here if you like but I am tend to not stress fruit intake.  Seriously, name one person that got fat because they ate too many apples and oranges.

The largest section is for vegetables, salad, and anything that grows leafy and green from the ground.  As it says, pizza is not a vegetable.

Level One nutrition in a simple easy system.  Here's the link if you want one for yourself.

Dadbod Restomod Day One

Okay, I am not making excuses before we start.  However, I am only a few days back from getting my heart back in rhythm.  So don't expect demolition man workouts just yet.

Morning check in is simple:

  • Take a Lumen measurement
  • Blood Pressure, Pulse Ox, and Heart Rate.
  • Weight Check.

The Dadbod Restomod Program Workouts have four components:

  1. Purposeful Activity or Easy Cardio--This comes from the idea of fasted morning cardio.  I have always found it effective for my clients to add some easy activity to the start of the day.  I explain it in detail in my Energy Systems Post.
    • Fasted Cardio first thing in the morning
    • Walking the dogs in the evening
    • Bike rides
    • Swimming
    • Yard Work
  2. Mobility Work--This could be 
    • basic stretching, 
    • yoga, 
    • a dynamic warm up, or 
    • a full focused bodyweight workout.
  3. Metabolic Conditioning--This is where I am restricted but I plan on modifying it.  These are High Intensity Interval Training Circuits.  It is done for timed intervals but allows me to monitor my heart rate and keep myself in check.  I can't go banzai into them so I am including all of my 
    • kettlebell work, 
    • macebell, 
    • clubbell and 
    • indian club work. 
  4. Strength Training--This is my bodybuilding training.  Targeting one muscle group, maybe two each session.

The idea is simple. So are the rules: 

  • One 30-minute session every day 
  • A goal of 15 per week  
  • No more than 72 hours between sessions of each activity.
  • Doing anything earns the point no matter how much you do
I wish that was it and it was just that easy.  Workout a little bit and lose the spare tire.  It ain't.

Nutrition plan is just as simple.

Level One nutrition is simple.  This is to make improvements not revolutions.  We can talk revolution later.
  • Half your food is vegetables. 
  • One quarter is lean protein.  
  • One quarter is starch or other vegetable
Simple if you take those styrofoam plates we all used at cookouts.  The big section is vegetables.  The small sections is protein and starch.  Here's a pdf version of your ideal plate.

Portion control is just as simple.  One plate is clean first.  Then eat as much as you like but always eat the veggies first on all return trips.

Drink water first.  If you want to drink a beer, drink a glass of water first.  If you want a soda, drink a glass of water first.  If you want anything other than water, green tea or coffee, you gotta drink a glass of water first.

Here's how we keep score nutritionally:

  • Each meal that fits the 2:1:1 format is one point
  • Each glass of water is a point (12 ounces)
  • Any snack you lose a point BUT... 
  • Any snack that is a fruit/vegetable and a lean protein you gain a point (Zero Sum Gain)
  • Any beverage that has calories is a negative point
  • 10 points every day.  (3 square meals plus 7 glasses of water)
  • 300 points every month. (Drink extra water in February.)

Keep It Simple, Stupid.  (Talking to myself again.)

I am looking for a few guys who want to be in better shape by Labor Day.  Gotta get started if you want to get finished by Labor Day. Click the link below to get scheduled.  Join now and get the Pre-Launch Price for your program!

Check back for more updates on my progress as well as how the Dadbod Restomod Program Works.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Circular Strength Post from Pecs In The City

Hey, check this post out over at Pecs In The City.

I am using them as part of my personal program.  The clubs are great for challenging me and keeping me interested. 

I am going to keep them as a part of my program even when I get released to full activity (for normal people) because they are great for keeping my shoulders and neck from tightening up and do activate the core in a good, active posture.

Do you think I should include them in the Dadbod Restomod program?  Comment below.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Game On

The Dadbod To Radbod Project

It has been a few years since I was a competitive powerlifter.  

Like many former athlete's, once the training for competition goes so goes our physiques.  The lean, rippling sinew and muscle becomes softened by a layer of body fat and what was bigger muscles becomes big and bulky.

The problem for me is that bodyfat covered bulky big guy was my peak athletic physique.  

Now, I would love to say that I took off my competitive belt, changed my eating habits, and became a lean athletic version of myself.

NOPE.  Quite the contrary.  I bulked up to 50 pounds over my competition weight.  

I was staring at a mid-life crisis, emotional and nervous breakdown, and no self-esteem and belief that I could fix it.  I admit, I was being a bit of a drama queen and rolling around in my own tears.  It was a true pity party.

Joe Montana once described a comeback as starting with something small, a five yard completion, to just get the ball rolling.  That's all I tried to do.  No plan.  No long term goals.  No delusions of grandeur.  

Just make a few simple acts in the right direction.  Daily planning for tomorrow.  Mandatory Minimums of exercise.  Prayer, gratitude, and affirmations.

Now it's built into momentum.  I am moving forward again.  Down 50 pounds.  Better energy. Better focus.  Better mood.

That's where the Dadbod To Radbod Program is from.

I am refining the things I need to do to make myself better.  That's why you are getting the deal you are.  I am looking for a few men to take the program for a test drive and go 90 days in the program.

I figure you have the same problems I do.  Maybe not the crippling addiction to Cheez-Its I do but similar problems.  

  • No interest in eating rabbit food and want healthy food that inspires you like hot wings.  (I have a recipe!) 
  • No interest in doing body beautiful workouts like the frat-boy, gym bros but sure as hell don't want the old man programs that snot nosed trainer wants you to do.
  • No interest in hours of cardio.  Okay, no one has interest in hours on a treadmill but we're gonna breathe hard.  
  • No interest in dropping hundreds of dollars on supplements you probably don't need but the snot nosed trainer at the gym wants you to take.
However, you want that spare tire gone.  You want to have a few muscles to keep the missus interested. You want more energy and to not feel more worn than the gym shoes you wear to mow the lawn.

Me too.  

That's where we are gonna go.  Right after that.  

What if you could get that body back, get your energy back and feel like you were closer to 21 than 60?

  • Workouts done in just over an hour including cardio!
  • Meals that taste like you know how to cook.  
  • Instruction enough to know what you are doing but not so much you think its hand holding.
  • Cool tech stuff to impress your friends.
  • Results plain and simple.  No sizzle.  Just steak.
You interested?  Fill out the application here.

What's this gonna cost me?  Once you see what I am putting together, you are gonna think it's thousands.  

However, I told you I want to bring a few guys through it first.  

Because you are committing to 90 days that are gonna change your life, that's a discount.

Because you are gonna let me use your testimonial in my next round of ads,

Because you are going to get results that will have your friends asking you what you are doing,

We're gonna do this for $197 a month.  Personal training alone is $250 a month.  

I'm taking the first 10 guys with me at that price so fill out your application now.

We're gonna start soon.  Gyms will be opening doors and you are gonna hit the ground running.

Talk to you soon.