Friday, December 23, 2022

Hitting The Reset Button


Hitting The Reset Button

It might be a little cliché.  Okay, you got me.  It is completely cliché. 

New Year, New Me.

The past five years have been an interesting journey.  For those that don't know, let me run a synopsis for you:

  • 2017, I died.  Full Vtach episode in the street. Due to some heroic first responders, I got resuscitated and the next day had a device implanted to prevent me from pulling that stunt again.
  • Along with becoming a cyborg, my career as a competitive lifter was ended and I had to close my gym that I had operated for 13 years.  Trigger major identity crisis, existentialistic depressive spiral, and general state of confusion for my whole life.
  • 2019 brought on another episode and set off the device while working out.  Que heart surgery number two, catheter ablation number one.
  • 2020, repeat of 2019 and catheter ablation number two on March 5.  Return to work on March 11, have minor set back, return again to work on March 16.  On March 18, New Mexico goes into Covid Lockdown.  Scratch the remainder of 2020.
  • 2021, first half was just a hangover from 2020.  Second half trying to restart life as a whole.
  • 2022, Reset number one.  I start broadening my teaching and my training to include yoga, qigong, and rebuild my identity.
  • March 2022, Return of Afib and in June, catheter ablation number three.  Start rehabilitation and redefining life as a whole.
  • December 2022, Hit The RESET Button Again.
  • January 2023, Restart the Dadbod Restomod Project
So, now that I have it all figured out and am totally positive I will just skip and dance my way to success, let me tell you the plan.  

The Overall Goal

The goal is very simply put and as cliché as everything else about this:  I want to be the best version of myself. 

What exactly does that mean?  

Mike Mentzer, quoting Ayn Rand, always used the phrase 'to actualize one's full human stature' as the highest purpose of a person.  I am looking to do the same.

Physically, my goal is to be healthy, strong and fit.  I also want to be that annoying 50 year old at the gym with a better body than the 20 something frat boys.  Very GymBro of me, I know, but why shouldn't I be full Alpha male?

Mentally, I want to be healthy. The depression, self-doubt, and general malaise of the past few years needs to go.  I am purposefully rebuilding my mindset and whole philosophy to not just be healthy but also effective at keeping the rest of my life in order.

Why are you telling me?

I am posting all this on a blog for two main reasons.  First, I need some accountability.  I put this on the web, share it on social media, and everyone knows so if I don't do it, everyone knows.  Secondly, I hope it helps you.  I am going to share my journey with you and maybe it can help you with your goals.
The focus is on the exercise and diet but will include some of the mindset exercises in the hope you can find some nuggets to get you progress for yourself.

What Now?


My exercise is a bit of a shotgun blast.  I teach a handful of different classes in person and soon to be online.  I am also going to train weights, bodyweight and Filipino martial arts for myself.  So I here are the ideals for each area:
  • Yin-Yang Yoga:  Three to Five classes a week (online on my Gumroad page and Patreon) 
  • Qigong:  Daily Practice and teaching Three to Five classes a week (Gumroad/Patreon)
  • HIIT/Cardio Kick: Three to Five classes a week (Gumroad/Patreon)
  • Basic Weights: 4-7 Sessions a week 
  • Circular Strength: 3 Sessions a week
  • Cardio (if I have to...) 3 sessions a week
Overly ambitious? Yes, but I know that going in.  No stress on not making it all but if I set small goals, I compromise and nothing gets done.  If you are striving for it all and you miss, you will still get more than you thought you could.