Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Thanos Effect? My World After Corona Virus

Will it be like waking up after The Snap?

With the lockdown and quarantine that  Covid-19 put on the world, it was a radical elimination of human activity like Thanos would have caused.  That's why I am referring to anything that results from Coronavirus as the Thanos Effect.  

Examples of The Thanos Effect:
Yes, just as with that snap, there are negative effects of human activity being eliminated.  Sports are cancelled.  No gatherings of large groups have destroyed children's birthday parties, high school and college graduations, weddings, funerals, and anything else involving more than 5 people.

I would never wish this on the world.  However, it has been good for me.  
  • Right before the lockdown started, I had a heart procedure done.  I was going back to work after 5 days.  I was not working a whole schedule but I should have been resting more.  Well, quarantine started a week later and I was forced to rest.  
  • My sleep has never been better.  Normally, I worked early and worked late leaving me with not enough time to get a good nights sleep.  Now, there's no reason I can't sleep until 630 or 730 in the morning.  I get to take naps when I need them and can go to bed whenever I need to.
  • I have had time to really consider my life going forward.  It is like Stephen Covey said about managing not leading.  I took the time to really look at what I want to do going forward.
  • I got back to focusing on fitness not worrying about business.  I can focus on serving those around me instead of selling those around me.
  • I am spending a lot of time with my kids that I wouldn't have otherwise.
  • I quit watching the news, reading the news, and have lost my interest in politics. 
  • I got back to things like clubbells, grip training and rotator cuff work.

So, just like everyone left standing in a pile of dust when the Thanos Effect hit in the MCU, I am wondering what I will do next.  The world won't be the same and neither will I.

Gonna start blogging regularly.  A couple years ago, one of my clients suggested I start journaling my days and logging my crazy coversations.  I never had time to do it before.  My business coach has suggested it since I am moving to an online personal training format.  Now, my therapist has suggested it to help me manage my emotional state.

Guess what?  I have time.  Even if the phase one start-up ends, I don't get to go back to work in the first phase.  So, no reason not to put my random reflections and chaotic cogitatians on to paper...uh..screen.

What are you gonna do after the snap?

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