Monday, May 25, 2020

Make A Fat Burning Meal Without Measuring

A Simple Set Up For Each Meal

Okay, I do better with a visual than without so here is the perfect plate complete with motivational commentary!  The plate is available on Amazon and while I recommend it, it is not necessary to follow the diet.

The first thing I want you to notice is the border.  If you pile food all the way through the border, you will be a "CHUBBY FAT FUCKER" so don't. You can have a second trip if you'd like so don't try to cheat.

The second thing is the protein section.  A portion of protein is the size of the palm of your hand.  It is a simple concept for you to base your protein on. 

Protein choices are open to any cook from raw meat.  Avoiding processed meat is one of those things that will benefit your health and your weight-loss. 

With protein, the fewer legs the better.  Fish, poultry, then pork and beef. 

The third thing to notice is the carb section.  The motivational coaching cues on the plate sum it all up.  STOP OVER FILLING IT, YOU CARB SLUT!

Carbs are anything that isn't plainly a vegetable. Potatoes, pasta, bread, rice, or anything else that makes a baked good or is stored in a silo. 

You can put fruit here if you like but I am tend to not stress fruit intake.  Seriously, name one person that got fat because they ate too many apples and oranges.

The largest section is for vegetables, salad, and anything that grows leafy and green from the ground.  As it says, pizza is not a vegetable.

Level One nutrition in a simple easy system.  Here's the link if you want one for yourself.

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