Sunday, May 17, 2020

Game On

The Dadbod To Radbod Project

It has been a few years since I was a competitive powerlifter.  

Like many former athlete's, once the training for competition goes so goes our physiques.  The lean, rippling sinew and muscle becomes softened by a layer of body fat and what was bigger muscles becomes big and bulky.

The problem for me is that bodyfat covered bulky big guy was my peak athletic physique.  

Now, I would love to say that I took off my competitive belt, changed my eating habits, and became a lean athletic version of myself.

NOPE.  Quite the contrary.  I bulked up to 50 pounds over my competition weight.  

I was staring at a mid-life crisis, emotional and nervous breakdown, and no self-esteem and belief that I could fix it.  I admit, I was being a bit of a drama queen and rolling around in my own tears.  It was a true pity party.

Joe Montana once described a comeback as starting with something small, a five yard completion, to just get the ball rolling.  That's all I tried to do.  No plan.  No long term goals.  No delusions of grandeur.  

Just make a few simple acts in the right direction.  Daily planning for tomorrow.  Mandatory Minimums of exercise.  Prayer, gratitude, and affirmations.

Now it's built into momentum.  I am moving forward again.  Down 50 pounds.  Better energy. Better focus.  Better mood.

That's where the Dadbod To Radbod Program is from.

I am refining the things I need to do to make myself better.  That's why you are getting the deal you are.  I am looking for a few men to take the program for a test drive and go 90 days in the program.

I figure you have the same problems I do.  Maybe not the crippling addiction to Cheez-Its I do but similar problems.  

  • No interest in eating rabbit food and want healthy food that inspires you like hot wings.  (I have a recipe!) 
  • No interest in doing body beautiful workouts like the frat-boy, gym bros but sure as hell don't want the old man programs that snot nosed trainer wants you to do.
  • No interest in hours of cardio.  Okay, no one has interest in hours on a treadmill but we're gonna breathe hard.  
  • No interest in dropping hundreds of dollars on supplements you probably don't need but the snot nosed trainer at the gym wants you to take.
However, you want that spare tire gone.  You want to have a few muscles to keep the missus interested. You want more energy and to not feel more worn than the gym shoes you wear to mow the lawn.

Me too.  

That's where we are gonna go.  Right after that.  

What if you could get that body back, get your energy back and feel like you were closer to 21 than 60?

  • Workouts done in just over an hour including cardio!
  • Meals that taste like you know how to cook.  
  • Instruction enough to know what you are doing but not so much you think its hand holding.
  • Cool tech stuff to impress your friends.
  • Results plain and simple.  No sizzle.  Just steak.
You interested?  Fill out the application here.

What's this gonna cost me?  Once you see what I am putting together, you are gonna think it's thousands.  

However, I told you I want to bring a few guys through it first.  

Because you are committing to 90 days that are gonna change your life, that's a discount.

Because you are gonna let me use your testimonial in my next round of ads,

Because you are going to get results that will have your friends asking you what you are doing,

We're gonna do this for $197 a month.  Personal training alone is $250 a month.  

I'm taking the first 10 guys with me at that price so fill out your application now.

We're gonna start soon.  Gyms will be opening doors and you are gonna hit the ground running.

Talk to you soon.

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