Monday, May 25, 2020

Dadbod Restomod Day One

Okay, I am not making excuses before we start.  However, I am only a few days back from getting my heart back in rhythm.  So don't expect demolition man workouts just yet.

Morning check in is simple:

  • Take a Lumen measurement
  • Blood Pressure, Pulse Ox, and Heart Rate.
  • Weight Check.

The Dadbod Restomod Program Workouts have four components:

  1. Purposeful Activity or Easy Cardio--This comes from the idea of fasted morning cardio.  I have always found it effective for my clients to add some easy activity to the start of the day.  I explain it in detail in my Energy Systems Post.
    • Fasted Cardio first thing in the morning
    • Walking the dogs in the evening
    • Bike rides
    • Swimming
    • Yard Work
  2. Mobility Work--This could be 
    • basic stretching, 
    • yoga, 
    • a dynamic warm up, or 
    • a full focused bodyweight workout.
  3. Metabolic Conditioning--This is where I am restricted but I plan on modifying it.  These are High Intensity Interval Training Circuits.  It is done for timed intervals but allows me to monitor my heart rate and keep myself in check.  I can't go banzai into them so I am including all of my 
    • kettlebell work, 
    • macebell, 
    • clubbell and 
    • indian club work. 
  4. Strength Training--This is my bodybuilding training.  Targeting one muscle group, maybe two each session.

The idea is simple. So are the rules: 

  • One 30-minute session every day 
  • A goal of 15 per week  
  • No more than 72 hours between sessions of each activity.
  • Doing anything earns the point no matter how much you do
I wish that was it and it was just that easy.  Workout a little bit and lose the spare tire.  It ain't.

Nutrition plan is just as simple.

Level One nutrition is simple.  This is to make improvements not revolutions.  We can talk revolution later.
  • Half your food is vegetables. 
  • One quarter is lean protein.  
  • One quarter is starch or other vegetable
Simple if you take those styrofoam plates we all used at cookouts.  The big section is vegetables.  The small sections is protein and starch.  Here's a pdf version of your ideal plate.

Portion control is just as simple.  One plate is clean first.  Then eat as much as you like but always eat the veggies first on all return trips.

Drink water first.  If you want to drink a beer, drink a glass of water first.  If you want a soda, drink a glass of water first.  If you want anything other than water, green tea or coffee, you gotta drink a glass of water first.

Here's how we keep score nutritionally:

  • Each meal that fits the 2:1:1 format is one point
  • Each glass of water is a point (12 ounces)
  • Any snack you lose a point BUT... 
  • Any snack that is a fruit/vegetable and a lean protein you gain a point (Zero Sum Gain)
  • Any beverage that has calories is a negative point
  • 10 points every day.  (3 square meals plus 7 glasses of water)
  • 300 points every month. (Drink extra water in February.)

Keep It Simple, Stupid.  (Talking to myself again.)

I am looking for a few guys who want to be in better shape by Labor Day.  Gotta get started if you want to get finished by Labor Day. Click the link below to get scheduled.  Join now and get the Pre-Launch Price for your program!

Check back for more updates on my progress as well as how the Dadbod Restomod Program Works.

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