Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Chaotic Cogitation

I've always told my wife that she really didn't want to know what I am thinking when I get that far off look.

It's not because I am thinking something horrific like chainsaw massacre.

And it's not that I am fantasizing about some other woman.

It is usually because I have fixated on some random thought.

I call it chaotic cogitation.

It is just a latching onto an idea and running it out.

Today, I was contemplating training for kettlebell sport also known as girevoy.  I was reading a kindle about combining GS with powerlifting.   In it he programs sets with 2kg increments.  I have  4kg jumps between my bells.
This got me thinking about how to fix that.  I hate training off plan unless it is my own plan, then I will tweak the hell out of it but that's another post.  I have tinkered with this before. 

Duct tape plates to the bottom of the bell.  Bad idea even though it works.  The tape can tear and the adhesive doesn't come off entirely when you remove it.  The tearing could be fixed with Gorilla Tape but the adhesive problem would be worse.

Using straps doesn't work because the plate slides around so I thought of magnets.  Rare earth magnets would be able to hold.  According to Wikipedia, they are capable of 1.4 teslas where a normal magnet can barely reach 0.5 teslas.  (No, I don't know what that means but if I can name drop Nicky T, I'm gonna do it!) 

This could work!  They can easily be used to fasten plates to the bottom of a kettlebell like Platemates for dumbbells.  Glue the appropriate weight to it and click!  It would go on the bottom of the bell and hold fast because of the huge teslas it has.  (Dang, did you see the teslas on that guy?)

But this is where my parade got rained on.  I can't be near rare earth magnets because of my device.  Apparently, if you have an ICD/Pacemaker in your chest, being around magnets can change the settings and make bad things happen.   So, that's out.  Fuck it. 

Showered and started to shave.  I used to love shaving.  Then it became one more thing I just didn't do because I didn't have time to do it well.  (No, it doesn't make sense but hey, I told you you don't want to get trapped in my brain.)  Now I do though.  (Wuhan Lockdown Bonus)

I love the feel of a shave brush on my face.  The hot water lathering up a good shave cream just feels good.  There's some argument that it stands the hairs up on your face and gets you a closer shave but who knows.  Mine is losing hair.  It looks funny shaving and ending up with a wad of blond horse, badger, rat? hair on your razor.

So, today's mission is to find a replacement.  Any suggestions?

I'm starting here.  

If you need me, I'll be around.


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